New SEPGA Executive Board

The fall semester is in full swing, and all of us at the Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA) are excited to continue building a vibrant community of activists, ethicists, and global citizens on campus. The new school year brings a new executive board, and a fresh set of ideas for how to raise awareness of nonviolent action and peace advocates around the globe. Meet the new team:

Rachel Baranowski ’17 – President
Kenneth Davis ’17 – Vice President
Blessing Ipka ’18 – Treasurer
Aryn Keyel ’18 – Secretary
Keith Gordon ’18 – Communications Director
Amira Noeuv ’17 – Social Media Coordinator
Abrara Rageh ’18 – EPGA Senator

SEPGA has set several goals for the upcoming year, including expanding the alumni network of EPGA graduates and providing greater networking with current students; hosting an event and/or speakers on a relevant EPGA theme (peacebuilding, human rights, corporate ethics, etc); and assisting with the Department of Philosophy and Religion’s annual Ethics Bowl, an exciting event that brings together local DC high school students to tackle important ethical questions in a debate-style format.

Interested in helping out, or just want to learn more about what’s going on? Come join us! SEPGA will be meeting next Thursday, Oct 6 at 8pm in SIS 235. Have a friend who’s interested in peace and human rights, but not an EPGA student? Bring them too! SEPGA is open and inclusive to every voice, so all are welcome to join in and help out.

Most important of all, SEPGA will be reinstating the monthly EPGA Happy Hour! Peacebuilding is hard work, so come hang out with your classmates and swap stories, vent about professors, or just share some laughs over good food and drinks. This is our opportunity to build relationships and share our vision for bringing peace into the world through action.


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