Our shared purpose as members of the Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA) is to explore ethical responses to contemporary global problems as a learning community.

SEPGA is the student organization for the MA program in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs (EPGA), but is open to both undergraduate and graduate students from all programs of study at AU. SEPGA mirrors EPGA in the goal of linking international peace and conflict resolution to its roots in philosophy. The scholars of SEPGA seek to build an ethic of action through critical analysis, the raising of awareness, and the promotion of active engagement.

The goals of SEPGA are multifold: (1) foster a community of engaged scholars; (2) explore the role of ethics in decision-making at the local, national, and international level; (3) build bridges, uniting academia, advocacy, and activism; and (4) represent EPGA students’ interests and academic concerns.